Barcelona and the idea

The original inspiration for the booby pillow popped into my mind in 2010 while living in Barcelona. I say "my mind" because to this day my girlfriend swears the idea was originally hers. In fact, my best friend who was visiting us at the time also claims it was he who dreamed up the concept. My response is always the same... "ideas are a dime a dozen but execution is worth a million bucks".

The origin of the idea is nothing too exciting but it did involve the right puzzle pieces falling into place. One of those pieces was meeting the founders of a games startup who were funding their fledgling company using their own cash. No outside investors, no friends and family money, just their own cash. They had managed to build up funds by selling their previous business, a boob and penis bean bag company. That's right. These entrepreneurs told us about their bean bag company and the process of filling giant boobs and penises made of bags half their size. It was hilarious and genius. Here I'd been making money in tech for nearly 10 years when these guys came into my life and taught me an important lesson. Ideas don't have to be one of a kind to work, they can be simple and well executed. The impression had been made.

boob beanbag.jpg


The other puzzle piece was our living room. After traveling for 8 months my girlfriend and I moved into a barceloneta apartment with a couple other roommates. The apartment furnishing was pretty simple and that was also true for the central room in the house. We had a large coffee table with cushions all around. No couch, chairs or other furniture. But it was perfect. We'd have friends over and lounge in that living room for hours. And it was in that room having this conversation with our new entrepreneur friends that the idea was born. 

bohemian pillow lounge.jpg

What better pillow than one with breasts? We immediately fell in love with the idea. Breasts are beautiful and pillows, like the ones all over our living room, are an essential part of our lives.  And if our friends could make boob bean bags then I should be able to figure out how to make boob pillows right?

Little did I know at the time that I was embarking on one of the most challenging product projects of my life...